Massage course in Edmonton Alberta January 25 - Feb 5 2021

Massage Courses in Canada 2021

Join us for our certificate and diploma Massage course in Edmonton Alberta January 25 - Feb 5 2021 that will be taught by advanced massage specialist Yasir Syed.

What To Expect

This program is designed for those wanting to develop and update their existing skills even further, and who want to elevate their massage practices. You'll learn about reflexology, aromatherapy, strategies and techniques to allow deeper release of emotions and trauma. You'll also learn methods to become much more efficient with time management, and various aspects of employment and starting your own business.

You can study it in combination with the Friends and Family Certificate course, as detailed above, and it is also possible to study the Diploma week at a different time, or in a different location from your Certificate. This may be across different Provinces in Canada or even in different countries. Many of our students do the two courses together as a 10-day combined Certificate and Diploma course, but it is designed to be flexible in order to fit around your existing commitments and budget.

Upon completion of the Diploma course, and ideally having gained experience with using this massage professionally, students are then eligible to join our highest level course, the Advanced Practitioner's Course.

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The Raynor Massage Certificate Course Graduation entitles membership into our Professional Association, , which allows access to advanced courses such as our Diploma course and the Advanced Practitioner's Course.

Schedule & Pricing Info

Class times are Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM (with one hour lunch break). Advanced apologies but there are no evening, weekend or correspondence classes available. We often run the Certificate and Diploma courses side-by-side, over 2 weeks, as most of the students who enroll prefer to do both the Certificate and Diploma courses consecutively.

5 day certificate course $1995 + GST (no prerequisites required)

5 day Diploma Course $1500 + GST (Only available to Raynor Massage Certificate Holders)

5 Day Advanced Course $2195 + GST (Only available to Raynor Massage Diploma Holders)

Massage Course Edmonton Alberta 2021

Yasir Syed

Yasir’s studies into natural healing began during the late 1900s when he completed an Honours Degree in Philosophy at the University of Alberta. From 2000-2010, Yasir went on to manage homes that serve youths and adults with developmental barriers, until 2010 when he packed up his Jeep to tour the West Coast of North America. This is when he came across a two-week Diploma Course in Raynor Naturopathic Massage… and the course was offered back in his home city of Edmonton. After graduating from the Edmonton 2010 Diploma class led by Terry Masson, Yasir went on to open a home business as a massage specialist. In 2011 Yasir continued on to pursue a diploma in Registered Massage Therapy, graduating from the Turner Institute of Orthopedic Massage with a 2200 Hour Diploma in 2013. After working at the Edmonton General Hospital and Moksha yoga studio as a Registered Massage Therapist for three years, Yasir returned to his alma mater, the University of Alberta, to take a position as a Cognitive Strategy Instructor for Student Accessibility Services. In 2018, while engaged in pursuing a Master’s Degree in Communications, Yasir conceived of the notion of a Wellness Studio focusing on servicing trauma, and in February 2019, Anahata Wellness Studio came into existence. Yasir currently holds an office at Anahata Wellness, where he practices Registered Massage Therapy with a specialization in Raynor Naturopathic Massage. During 2019 Yasir had the opportunity to train as an Instructor for Raynor Naturopathic Massage with Terry Masson and the amazing team of Canadian instructors. In September of 2019, Yasir took the Advanced Raynor Diploma in London and finally had the opportunity to meet and learn from Brandon Raynor himself. After meeting Brandon, Yasir returned to Canada as the newest member of the Canadian Raynor Instructors team. His first class was held in November of 2019 at the newly renovated Raynor Treatment and Training center adjacent to Anahata Wellness in Edmonton, AB. Anahata Wellness and Yasir will be hosting four Raynor Diploma Courses in 2020, and Yasir will be instructing an additional six courses across Canada throughout 2020.

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Blog Post written by:
Terry Masson
Managing Director | Advanced Raynor Massage Specialist

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