Massage Courses in British Columbia and Alberta 2021

Massage Courses in Canada 2021

The weather is getting warmer and things are slowly easing in British Columbia. We have a series of upcoming Massage courses in BC with Victoria (Aug 16-27), Nelson BC (Sep 20 - Oct 1), Vancouver (Sep 13 - 24), Kamloops (Oct 25-Nov 5), Prince George (Oct 18 - 29), Kelowna BC (Nov 22 - Dec 3).

In Alberta we have Edmonton ( Aug 16 - 27 & Nov 15 - 26)

Please check out schedule for more details

For those that would prefer to take our Online Course options or that are not able to make it to Canada please check our Online Certificate or Online tutorial Courses.

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Blog Post written by:
Terry Masson
Managing Director | Advanced Raynor Massage Specialist

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