Massage Vancouver BC - Courses in 2021

Massage Courses in Canada 2021

Massage Vancouver BC - Courses in 2021

Raynor Massage is offering Massage class in Vancouver BC and around the province in 2021. Our First certificate and diploma courses begin on January 25th 2021 in Kamloops BC , Kelowna on February 1st 2021, and Vancouver on February 22nd to kick off the year. We also offer courses in Chilliwack May 10th, and Nanaimo on May 17th. Check out Schedule for more detail.

We've trained over 15k students who have helped over 100k people with pain, mobility, trauma and physical & emotional stress. Sigh up today! You will quickly begin to learn and practice Raynor Massage, always keeping in mind the overall goal of the total release of residual tension in the muscles of the body. Raynor Massage draws on holistic understandings of the interconnection of body, mind and soul and as well as working on muscular tension

Become a fully qualified massage therapist with our intensive massage training courses in Saskatoon. We offer both a 5 Day Certificate Course and a 10 Day Diploma Course. No prior experience is necessary and you will receive a recognized qualification that will allow you to establish your own business in massage therapy straight away.

Whether it’s the Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma Course, all of our courses focus on practical skills. Generally speaking, our students spend 80% of class hours practicing, receiving and observing massage. We spend the remaining 20% discussing the theory of Raynor massage and other subjects. These include hygiene, professional ethics, contraindications, the theory of hand and foot reflexology and the qualities of different aromatherapy oils. Our students also don’t just learn to massage the common parts of the body, such as the neck, back, arms and legs. We give attention and focus to other important therapeutic areas such as the hands, feet and abdomen.

Massage Vancouver BC Courses 2021
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Terry Masson
Managing Director | Advanced Raynor Massage Specialist

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