How can I learn to be a professional massage specialist in 5 or 10 days when most other schools require at least 6 months or even 3 years?

Our courses focus on the essence of what it takes to be an excellent massage professional, teaching you what in our experience you need to give a thorough, safe and effective treatment. Many colleges have a heavy emphasis on rote learning Latin anatomical terms, whereas we believe that practitioners should speak to clients in a way that the client understands. By focusing on the core of massage essentials we are able to save our students’ time and money. From day one of the course you will be massaging and practising the full techniques of Raynor Massage.

What is the difference between the 5 and 10 day programs?

The 5 day Certificate Course is a comprehensive course that will allow you to begin to practice massaging on completion, but the 10 day combined Certificate and Diploma course involves much more practical experience as well as exploring the use of aromatherapy and reflexology within Raynor Massage. The Diploma course will better prepare you for a career in massage where you will be charging for your sessions while the Certificate course is best suited for those just wishing to work on friends and family.

Can I legally work as a Massage Therapist after completing this course?

Massage laws vary enormously around the world and are in a constant state of change. Our massage courses do qualify you to work legally and to get professional insurance in all of the countries that we teach in. There are restrictions on what you can call yourself in parts of Canada but you can still legally work and get insured.

What do people do after the course?

Some will work full time as Raynor Massage Specialists, others work part time and others massage friends and family. Most who want to work professionally in this field will go on to do the Diploma course either immediately or after gaining more experience of practical massage. A large percentage of our graduates are working in wellness centres, spas, holistic retreats and resorts, in gyms or with sports teams, on cruise ships and private yachts or are successfully self-employed with large client bases of repeat clients and constant referrals.

Is there work available for Raynor Massage graduates?

Absolutely! The massage industry is a huge one and there is still great demand for high quality massage practitioners. The type of massage we teach sets you far apart from most other massage therapists. Raynor Massage is so effective in treating chronic problems and injuries from their source that after graduating you are practically guaranteed job employment, repeat clients and referrals. Our Kelowna, BC, Training and Treatment Centre often hires graduates immediately after course completion. If chosen you can gain experience quickly by apprenticing under the Head Instructor and other Advanced Level Raynor Massage Specialists working here.

What are the extra costs associated with your courses?

There are no other costs associated with the course as all the required materials are included in the cost of the course. We provide for free, all the manuals, forms, articles and videos in digital format on a 32 GB USB Drive that we hand out midway through the Certificate week. We do have some massage related accessories such as laminated wall charts and massage tools etc. for sale at the course which are purely optional extras for students to purchase if they wish.

I have never massaged anyone before. Will I really be able to do this after just one or two weeks?

Yes! We have trained thousands of people with no massage experience who have left the course to become successful and highly effective therapists.

What should I bring to the course?

You will need to wear comfortable clothing, flat shoes and two single sized sheets (1 fitted and 1 flat), two large bath or beach towels and two smaller hand towels. It is also recommended to bring in a pillow to prop up your knees or feet during the massage for added comfort. We provide the massage tables for use during the course and all massage oils.

What happens if I fail the practical assessment?

If you do not meet the standards required to be a Raynor Massage Practitioner then you will be invited to re-attend the course at a later date. The exception to this is if you are asked to leave the course due to a breach of our professional code of conduct then you will be deemed to have withdrawn from the course.

What is your cancellation policy?

If after paying your deposit or tuition in full; and you are not able to attend the course you registered for, we can defer you to any other course in the future with no penalty. As long as you take the course at some point in the future your tuition will be transferred to the new location/dates. However, if you cancel outright your tuition would be forfeit.

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