Raynor Massage Class Locations in Canada

Raynor Massage offers Certificate and Diploma massage courses across Canada in the following provinces British Columbia, Ottawa, Nova Scotia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and the Yukon. You may find our massage courses in the following Canadian cities: Vancouver, Kamloops Bc, Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Jasper and more

massage courses in canadaMassage courses in British Columbia Canada

British Columbia

We offer massage courses in Vancouver, Kelowna, Chilliwack, Nanaimo, Victoria, Nelson, Kamloops, Prince George, Duncan, and Mile House. Click Here to see our Schedule.

massage courses in Alberta Canada


We offer our massage courses in Edmonton, Calgary, and Grand Prairie. Click here to see the Schedule.

massage courses in saskatchewan


We offer our massage courses in Saskatoon and Regina. click here to see the schedule. Click here to see the schedule.

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British Columbia

Short, intensive massage courses.


Raynor Massage Training and Treatment Center in Vancouver is an International massage college which offers short, but intensive massage courses in more than thirty locations globally. We have thousands of graduates in Vancouver, across British Columbia and the world practicing our style of massage successfully with jobs in various spas, cruise ships, gyms, wellness centers, other holistic establishments and private practice, both full and part-time.


You will find our Raynor Massage Training and Treatment Center in Downtown Kelowna close to City Park and the Okanagan Lake. Kelowna is a four hour drive from Vancouver, two hours from the U.S. border and eight hours from Calgary. For public transit; Highway 97 buses service the area and flights can be booked through the Kelowna International Airport (YLW). If you require travel accommodations, there are two premier hotels right across the parking lot from the wellness center and a Super-8 hotel a few minutes up the highway.

During your training, you’ll be taught to understand the primary causes of tension and be able to massage clients at a level equal to or greater than the graduates of the RMT institutions. We focus our massage training on feeling tension in the customer’s body and providing the best Raynor massage possible rather than dedicating most of your class hours to memorizing Latin names of the muscles.

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Return the body to a relaxed state.


We offer our short, intensive Raynor massage courses in Edmonton. We provide both our Certificate and Diploma short massage courses allowing you to train and work in only five or ten days.

Taking the Certificate and Diploma courses qualifies you to pursue our Advanced Diploma Course. Our Raynor Massage Courses are hands-on and practical, designed to get you massaging from the first day of your course building both your confidence and ability to massage.

There are no assessments or written exams and working in a small group will let you get constant feedback from your instructor. You’ll be able to develop your sense of touch, trusting your instincts with the aim of offering a very effective massage and a better alternative to massage for your clients.

Are Raynor Massage courses different from other massage courses in Edmonton?

We teach you how to find the primary source of the tension and then to get rid of it. The source of discomfort or pain may also be emotional; broken relationships, trauma, grief, and abuse can all cause the body to tighten and "close up' causing not only discomfort and physical pain but also causing blockages in the energetic system of the body. Thus, limiting the flow of chi in the body. Raynor Massage works to release the ’emotional debris,’ remove these blockages, and allow the body to return to a real relaxation state.

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Start your own business, immediately.


We specialize in hands-on experiential learning so everything taught in our courses is 100% practical and applicable in the real world. The training provided is fully-accredited and gives a recognized qualification as a Raynor Massage Specialist that enables you to get the highest coverage of professional indemnity insurance and will allow you to work anywhere as a massage professional or start your own business massaging immediately.

We understand that you have numerous options of massage schools in Saskatoon, Canada. However, Brandon Raynor Massage and Natural Therapies School offers high-quality and unique Raynor massage courses. That’s the reason our massage school has earned enormous respect all over Canada and the rest of the world. We’re pleased that we have trained several thousand successful students to offer Raynor massage, and we look forward to teaching and mentoring more this year to learn how to do this form of deep tissue massage. Our short, intensive massage courses are created carefully to teach all students how to identify the actual location of the tension in the body of a client and then how to get rid of it.

The decision you’ll make when starting a new profession / career in the massage industry is to select the best massage school. Making this choice might be hard since many schools offer massage courses in Saskatchewan, Canada. However, we feel Raynor massage is the best choice!

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