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Raynor Massage is based in Kelowna, British Columbia in Canada. In addition to our Classes in Canada We offer online Massage courses that can be taken from anywhere from the comfort of your home. Choose between our Online Tutorial or our Online Certificate Massage Course

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Online Tutorial Course

This comprehensive massage course, comprised of 33 high definition video lessons, imparts the 15 years of experience that Terry Masson has in the field of massage and wellness training. The techniques and philosophy that make up Raynor Massage have been drawn from knowledge of massage from all over the globe. We have taken the world's best practices and added in our own unique techniques and understanding of massage to make the world's most effective style of massage! With unlimited access to courses, you can learn at your leisure and gain a well-rounded understanding of the Raynor Massage techniques that have helped over 100,000 clients, worldwide.

If you don't have time to take one of our in-person courses, this one's for you.

Sample Lesson from the Course filmed over 4 full days in Hua Hin, Thailand

What you will Learn:

  1. Connecting with your client, instinctively relaxing them through massage and breath work
  2. Understand in detail all 12 Pathways of Tension and how to eliminate pain and tightness
  3. Your clients will feel and believe that you've been massaging for years!!!
  4. Massage at such a high level you will get many repeat bookings and referrals


The Online Certificate Course is half the price of the in person attendance course and comprised of 51 Text and Video Lessons, and is less than half the price of our in-person attendance course.

Raynor massage is one of the world's most cutting edge, effective styles of massage available. Learn from the founder of his method how to take deep-tissue massage to a new level of effectiveness. He has condensed 30 years of travelling the world studying massage and 20 years of teaching into this Online Raynor Massage Certificate Course.

The techniques and philosophy that make up Raynor Massage have been drawn from knowledge of massage from all over the world. We take the world's best practices and add our own unique techniques and understanding of massage to make this the world's most effective style of massage available.
Raynor massage is a great way of helping so many people and it is a great career too. Why not earn money helping people? Job satisfaction doesn't get much better than this. This is an affordable way to get trained up in one of the most exciting aspects of health care in the world today.
This course is a comprehensive course that involves both text and video to impart the 30 years of experience that Brandon Raynor has in the field of massage.
You can also take the online Certificate Course, which is half the cost of the in person course. Taught by Brandon Raynor (the founder of Raynor Massage). The Online Certificate Course can be use for a Diploma Class if you decide to do this later on.

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What is Raynor Massage

Raynor Massage is a unique massage style, taught in our short and intensive massage class. During our classes we teach you to find residual tension held in the body and then how to release it. Raynor Massage does not just treat the area where pain, restriction or tightness is felt. Instead we take a more Eastern approach, looking at the person as an interconnected whole. Pain or restriction felt in one area can actually be held somewhere else, or be the result of emotional stress. This tension may go back many years, and people can become accustomed to unnecessarily living with restriction or pain.In our classes, we do not teach set massage routines. Instead, we teach our students to personalize each treatment to suit the needs of the client. You will learn how to massage areas like the back. legs, abdomen, feet, hands, head and sacrum. We also focus on the energy points and pathways (similar to meridians) of the body. Our instruction teaches you how to develop your sense of touch, to trust your intuition and to work with the client’s breathing to unlock deep seated tension and blocked energy, leaving the client feeling de-stressed, loose, more invigorated and rejuvenated.Raynor Massage aims to get to the heart of health problems by working with both the energetic systems and the physical body. This allows practitioners to achieve a deep level of healing for their clients,  giving them the gift of true relaxation

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Massage Regulations in Canada

In Ontario, British Columbia and Newfoundland & Labrador the use of the term “massage therapy” and “massage therapist” is regulated. In order to use terms such as ‘Massage Therapist’ and ‘Massage Therapy’ you need to be a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). Because this entails up to 3,000 hours of formal academic training, we use other terms to describe our graduates, such as Raynor massage professional.In the provinces mentioned above, only RMTs can give receipts to their clients to claim the cost of treatments from their insurance companies. However, insurance companies are cutting back on the amount they will pay out for massage treatments by RMTs. In our experience, clients of Raynor massage are willing to cover the costs for a treatment themselves because of the effectiveness of Raynor massage to their health and personal well-being. If applicable, during class we will discuss massage regulations and answer any questions you may have.Another important note is that the governments of these provinces recognize that all modalities of bodywork, even those which have a much more holistic approach and work with the energetic systems, have a place within the wider health care provision. You cannot call yourself a RMT after taking our training but you can work legally, get insurance, and provide great Raynor Bodywork treatments to your clients as a Raynor massage professional (RMP).

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