Raynor Massage Affiliate Program

Raynor Massage Canada is pleased to roll out our new Affiliate program. This program allows existing students, instructors, or approved affiliates to sell Raynor massage Courses and Online Courses and Earn a commission of 20% of the the product. If you're an accepted affiliate of Raynor Massage Canada you will receive a unique link to sell our various products like Massage Courses in Canada as well as our Online courses. If someone makes a purchase using your link you will receive a 20% commission.

Who is best suited for the affiliate program

We encourage our partners like instructors and former students of our in person classes and online courses to apply as you are familiar with our products. We also invite anyone with a good sized online or offline network in the wellness and health industry to apply.

How to Apply

Please click on this link to apply to the Raynor Massage Program. If you are accepted you will receive more information as well as unique links to sell our products. Good Luck!