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Naturopath Brandon Raynor established the Raynor massage system in Australia in the 1990s and in the early 2000s began teaching his methods all over the world. Returning to his native born Canada in 2002 he and his teachers have been teaching Raynor Naturopathic Massage across Canada since then.

Raynor Naturopathic Massage is a highly evolved system of bodywork that encompasses techniques drawn from many of the world's great massage therapy traditions such as shiatsu, Thai massage, Chinese massage, Thai Massage, Swedish massage, Therapeutic Massage and deep tissue Massage as well as using breathwork and joint adjustments.

Brandon Raynor learned and experienced many of these different styles and then proceeded to take the best of the different approaches and, with the ultimate goal of completely freeing the human body from what he calls "chronic residual tension", developed Raynor Naturopathic Massage and Bodywork to achieve this goal.

Raynor Naturopathic Massage and Bodywork is taught in a series of intensive courses.

  1. Online Introduction to Raynor Naturopathic Massage Level 1: Perfect for beginners, this course covers the essential massage techniques and principles in a short timeframe, giving you a strong foundation to build upon.
  2. Raynor Massage Certificate Course: Ideal for people that would like to practice Raynor massage, this course covers fundamental techniques and principles, providing you with a solid foundation in Raynor Massage.
  3. Raynor Massage Diploma Course: Take your skills to the next level with our Diploma program, delving into intricate techniques to address complex issues and conditions.
  4. Raynor Massage Advanced Diploma: Aspiring professionals can enroll in this comprehensive program, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to establish a thriving practice.

We hold our Raynor massage courses in Canada in a variety of locations, including Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, 100 Mile House, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

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