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Massage Courses in Canada 2021

Raynor Massage is based in Kelowna, Canada. In addition to our Classes in Canada We offer online Massage courses that can be taken from anywhere in the world. We offer a series of quality Online Massage Courses whether you want to learn from a 4 day Tutorial shot in Thailand to an Online Certificate course that can be used towards an in person diploma classes.

What you will Learn:

  1. Connecting with your client, instinctively relaxing them through massage and breath work
  2. Understand in detail all 12 Pathways of Tension and how to eliminate pain and tightness
  3. Your clients will feel and believe that you've been massaging for years!!!
  4. Massage at such a high level you will get many repeat bookings and referrals

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Blog Post written by:
Terry Masson
Managing Director | Advanced Raynor Massage Specialist

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